沢田 完


1968年 東京に生まれる。

中学に入りベートーベンの交響曲第3番「英雄」に出会い、作曲家を目指すようになる。 東京音楽大学作曲科にて池野成に作曲・管弦楽法を学ぶ。

第69回日本音楽コンクール作曲部門 第2位、E.ナカミチ賞を受賞。

作曲家・指揮者 山本直純の最後の弟子として、師の晩年の多くの作品の編曲、オーケストレーション、助手を務める。(レコーディングでは今でも師から頂いた指揮棒を愛用している。)

映画、TVドラマ、舞台、ミュージカルの作曲だけにとどまらず、 アーティストへの楽曲提供、編曲なども多数手がけている。



Kan Sawada

Composer, Arranger, Producer, Conductor

Born in Tokyo in 1968.
Kan Sawada began to play the trumpet from 9 years old, and studied with Genzo Kitamura of NHK Symphony Orchestra.

He desired to be a composer as listening Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E flat major (Op, 55) , also known as the "Eroica" when he was in Junior high school.

Sawada studied composition and orchestration at Tokyo College of Music.

He won the 2nd prize in the composition category 69th The Music Competition of Japan and E.Nakamichi Award.

Sawada worked for Naozumi Yamamoto (a composer and conductor) as a last disciple, and served as a arranger and orchestrator in his later years. (Sawada still uses a baton given by him.)

Sawada composed not only for films, TV, stages and musicals but composed and arranged for the pop artists.

In addition he works positively to produce TV programs, concerts and events.

Kan Sawada composes all scores known as the most famous TV animation series "DRAEMON"(including films) from 2005.